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Wow I have been remiss and I apologize, but the very good news is that I dodged another bullet! My biopsy came back clear of cancer. Recuperation has been a little more painful and difficult than I thought, but I am so happy to report this! I just have to worry about the spot they found in my neck now (that was the bad news I heard before the surgery). They don't think it is anything, but will watch it over the next few months to make sure.

And onto the updates Stop reading here if you don't want to know about the many writing projects )
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I am sitting in a hotel room in the peace and quiet, wanting to write and I am sick Read my whining )
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Let's be honest about something. Even though I've produced a great number of words this year already, something is definitely wrong. Since my cancer diagnosis and the surgery, something has been off. Writing hasn't been easy, but a struggle. I can write - don't get me wrong - but there's a halting quality to it that I just don't like.

I am writing and sometimes I am enjoying, but I have to say my stamina left the building when I lost my thyroid. I'm doing okay, overall, but I don't have the same brain capacity anymore. Something is foggy up there. This is particularly worrisome because while I think I can handle one WC rev BB, I cannot handle two. I signed up for two. I don't know what I am going to do now. I have one nearly finished. But the other one hasn't been touched. This should not have been a problem - last year it wasn't even an issue. I've clocked myself and I can put out 1000 words/30 minutes. It is EASY for me. But unfortunately, I'm jumbled and tired a lot at night. I can't handle the load I used to be able to handle last year. I wrote four stories at the same time last year! Without a problem!! But I can't handle two!!



Life changes sometimes suck.
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Well, I am trying to decide what writing projects I will commit to this year - and this is my tentative list. Am I missing something? Do you want to solicit that I try something else out? Give me a good argument and I might consider it.

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Okay my ass is not lazy - actually I have no idea what you might classify it as - though it does have a tattoo. Anyone want to guess More meaningless rambles here )
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So here are some thoughts about what has been going on with White Collar lately Read more )
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It is kind of odd that I've decided to post this during the big November NaNo month - blah blah. But I decided to post it now because I need to make some decisions about life and how I want to handle it. So, as you might have read before I've written over 500k words this year alone. On AO3 (which does not store all of my stories) I've posted over 1 million words of fanfic. Lots of writing, lots of stories have been published. So what will be the goal be in the upcoming months and year?
This got a little long )
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Well I hit officially 388778 words posted on AO3 this year. I know that I've actually posted a bit more than that since I've done some prompts on my journal which I haven't shared on AO3. I have two Big Bangs to publish (soon) which are 54k + 80k to add to that total. So, geez, that kind of brings me up to over 500k. That's a lot of words. Lots and lots of words. Geez, who the heck ever thought I would have that much to say and mostly about a guy flying around in a tin can and another one walking about in a pair of tights! Heehee )
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with one of your stories (or a verse you created) that you did not want to leave it? I think I'm there, right now. My Cap-Ironman Big Bang is finished like I said. I am even slowly editing it now. But I'm also cooking up more for it, I actually have some ideas for at least one timestamp, maybe could be a sequel. I love the verse so much, I don't want to leave it. I will eventually, I am just not writing too much this week. I need a break. But I really do need to get back to my projects, soon.
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So over the last two months I wrote my two big bangs. For Marvel my big bang stands around 53k. For Cap-Ironman Big Bang (which I wrote in under a month - because I am nuts) clocks in at 77k. Yes, that is 130k with editing to do. Most of the editing will be clean up and revisions and some additions. I expect the Marvel BB to stay about where it is. I think the C/I BB will grow a tad bit more. Not sure. It needs some revisions and a clean up and a few extra scenes added or expanded. The Marvel BB will not be published until mid to late October and the C/I BB will be published after November 1. Marvel BB already turned in the rough draft and have a great artist for! C/I BB will turn in on September 29th, to find out if I get an artist. Very happy to have both of them completed in their rough draft form.
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So for 2013 I am at somewhere around 354k words (officially from AO3) - unofficially it is over 400k when you think about the Marvel BB that I just finished which clocks in at 53k or so and is not posted yet. Then there's the BB I started for Cap-Ironman and that's at 20k (started it on Friday), plus the one I abandon which is at 17k. There are other WIP that haven't been touched and maybe will be ----- but you know what happens if you spend 8 months out of the year typing over 400k words (plus all the crap I do at work) - your hands ache and ache and ache.

So, just so you know, there are downsides to this production.
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So as of last Saturday I think it was, I haven't written anything but posts to my journal and that is it. I finished the Marvel Big Bang and crashed landed. Being sick has NOT helped me out at all, and the fact that my kids are back to school this week doesn't help either.

My goal this weekend is to brush off the Cap_Ironman Big Bang and get it written as well as putting together the next chapter of Bonds Unbroken. I have a pretty good idea where this is headed, but I need to get over some of the details. I will probably give it a go on Friday. But I do need some new prompts just to get my head back on straight to start again. The problem with writing big fic is that my brain wants to stay in that fic instead of moving on. The longer the fic, the harder it is to get my brain to focus on another verse.

Anyhow- off to find prompts to write some one shots!
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Yes I finished the Marvel Big bang. Right now it clocks in a little over 52k. I have some editing to do over the next day or so and then I will send it to the beta. I am early to have it completed, which is a good thing, because I have to concentrate on my Cap_Ironman Big Bang now! That should be fun.

It is going to be so HARD not to post the Marvel Big Bang early. I don't think posting starts until October 16th! A whole two months away. But I have to send in the draft by August 28th and fic summaries are due as well. Then claims will open shortly after that. So I hope I get a good artist. I am so happy with this story, I really am excited for it. FX I get an artist who likes to communicate and will love the story as much as I do!

Oh and see pretty icon from [Bad username or site: @] Love it! Don't yank it unless you ask her!


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