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I have completely removed all of my posts from the LJ (in order to make sure that I was able to do it, I did not migrate any comments). Unfortunately I didn't make the cut off before everything was migrated to the Russian servers, but I did the vast majority of the work beforehand. Who knows how much is kept and how much isn't. Either way I feel more secure. I am keeping my LJ account open for now only because I am still participating in the CAP-IM RBB. But I think after I post, I will delete my account. There's no reason for it. I do have to open an account somewhere for image posting. Not sure how to do that or what I should do. But that is in the works.

Also, I have disengaged from fandom. It's sad but it was a necessary evil. I really do miss it, but I can't take the anxiety it gives me. It's not natural or normal to be so upset over something like fandom. So I walked away from tumblr over 2 weeks ago, going on 3 weeks. I feel good about it. I only post once a week and that's just to update my progress on my current RBBs (I am writing the CapRBB too). Once I finish with those, I am going to take stock and see if I want to continue with anymore fandom writing. I like it, but it's painful to continue in many ways. I am not going to go into the details, I still have stress because of it and even just writing about it here, makes me upset. So, we will see how it all goes.

I am still learning DW, and I expect to be talking to myself, which is okay. I just need an outlet sometimes.


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