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Okay this is my own White Collar wrap up - if you don't want to read it or deal with that's fine. But if you do Read it here )
My recommendation for you, if you want to find out what happens next considering the events of the season finale - you can find it here - I wrote it two years ago Scars in his Eyes. All in eleven chapters and over 37,000 words! Hope you like it!
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I just yanked this from my bestie [Bad username or site: @] and would love it if people played. And yes it is my birthday - my 50th! Whee. And just for you I also included a picture of yours truly (prior to neck slashing) so you can see what a 50 year old (okay I was 49 in the picture) looks like.

This got a little long and silly so under the cut it goes )
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Well, I am trying to decide what writing projects I will commit to this year - and this is my tentative list. Am I missing something? Do you want to solicit that I try something else out? Give me a good argument and I might consider it.

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Just in case you wanted to know. I've got my surgical consult scheduled for the 24th of October. I also scheduled a physical and will ask the doctor to interact with the surgeon to see if there's anything I can do prior to my visit (blood tests, lung x-ray, etc). Not sure when I will be scheduled. Could be a month later, could be three months later, could be a week later!! Eek! But at least things are moving forward and I feel a little better. Anxiety has decreased a bit (yesterday I was anxious angry - you don't want me to be anxious angry - the Hulk ain't got nothing on me when I'm anxious angry).

And something good happened today - I am exempt for now from the government shutdown! This status could change - anything could change - but that is a small reprieve considering my husband is unemployed. So, this is happiness.

Thanks all for your support through this!
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but the pharmacy swears they never received the antibiotics script. So I have to wait another day for my prescription and my lungs are aching. At least she gave me the good stuff so I can sleep tonight.

I tagged this is in the hurt/comfort area because like all the hurt is mine.....where's the comfort?
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I am interested in doing another Five times + one piece. But this is what I want to do....I want to do one for Stony and I want to do one for White Collar. Give me an idea that will work for BOTH of the fandoms! I want to see if I can challenge myself to write essentially two different stories for two different fandoms with the same prompt!

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Okay so the trip wasn't that long and my dragons had a wonderful time at Grandmama's. I had less of a good time because I realized the reason I end up with horrible pain each and every time I am there is due to my mother. She spends a lot of time belittling me and trying to show everyone (including my husband and friends) what a bitch I am. She even went so far as to call me a bitch in front of one of my dearest and oldest friends. I hate to complain about her because 1. she is old, 2. a lot of people I know have lost their mothers, 3. she's always been like this, and 4. I know she will never change. I try to be pragmatic about it, but it just damn it hurts. But the boys had a good time and didn't realize how terrible it was for their momma. So that was a win. I didn't get to write much at all (though I did sneak in and write about 500 words one night - so that at least had me smiling). I have lots of plans for writing this month (even with the big Disney vacation coming up, because I know my husband will have no problem with me writing). So, on to the writing.....


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