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If you would like to look at my fic listing, please send me a PM for a friend request. I will not open up my journal to anyone other than friends due to trolls. I apologize but it is a necessary evil.
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Okay I am about ready to close up shop with lj. What I mean is that I am about done posting my stuff here and only want to keep an account for the occasional post and entry into different challenges hosted on lj. A lot of my work though is archived right here on lj - well, most of my WC stuff anyway. My thought is that I will move everything over to AO3 - I've heard people know how to import this stuff. Do tell how do I do it? I want a easy way.

Thanks for any help....
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Part 3 )

Show your love to the artist Love_82 here
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Title: Affair
LJ User Name - Author: winterstar95
LJ User Name - Artist: love82
Rating: PG13
Genre/Characters: Post series story, angst, romance, Neal/Sara, Neal, Sara, Peter, Elizabeth, Mozzie
Word Count: 12.7k
Fandom: WC
Warnings: mild descriptions of violence, language, serious permanent injury to a major character
Summary: Based on An Affair to Remember Sara and Neal have a pact. After Neal finishes his sentence and he’s free of the tracker, they will meet at the top of the Empire State building and re-ignite their love affair. Only when Sara waits, Neal never shows up because his past comes to haunt him. The consequences will change the course of love and life.

A/N: Many thanks to my artist for a great piece, Love82 and to my wonderful beta who really fixed this - though I didn't take all of her advice so blame that on me! Thanks [ profile] rabidchild


Part 1 )
Part 2
Part 3
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Okay this is my own White Collar wrap up - if you don't want to read it or deal with that's fine. But if you do Read it here )
My recommendation for you, if you want to find out what happens next considering the events of the season finale - you can find it here - I wrote it two years ago Scars in his Eyes. All in eleven chapters and over 37,000 words! Hope you like it!
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So I was reading through my friends page and I find a post about all the angst and fighting and freaking out in the WC fandom. What the hell is going on? )
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So here are some thoughts about what has been going on with White Collar lately Read more )
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In celebration of publishing over 1,000,000 words of fanfiction on AO3 (special note – this does not include all of the fanfiction I’ve written)…I just wanted to list some of my favorite stories that I wrote for different fandoms that can be found on AO3:

Upon Waking
A story of recovery. In a world without superheroes, Tony Stark, the disinherited son of a billionaire, goes to Afghanistan as an embedded media star, only to be held hostage for months until he’s rescued. During his recovery, his therapist Doctor Bruce Banner prescribes an unusual treatment; volunteer work at a rehab center. He meets an eclectic assembled group including a vet who thinks he’s Thor, a physical therapist who might be a spy, and an all American hero, Steve Rogers. It is Steve Rogers, the soldier in a coma, who captures his interest and, eventually, his heart.

White Collar:
Time in the Bat Cave
Neal contracts a serious illness, Peter waits.

Stargate SG1:
The Beggar's Feast
The team is caught off world during a war. Daniel must save an injured Jack but to do so, he must put himself in danger. (Note – no beta on this story)

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Title: A Harsh Mistress
Author dmk0064/winterstar
Rating: PG13
Genre/Characters: Peter, Neal
Word Count: 900+
Fandom: WC
Warnings: language, nudity
Summary: Dialogue fic – Peter and Neal discuss possibilities. Read it and you’ll see!
Read the ficlet here )
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Title: Zombie Kitten Apocalypse
Author dmk0064/winterstar
Rating: PG13
Genre/Characters: Neal, Peter, Diana, evil scientists with no name
Word Count: 995
Fandom: White Collar
Warnings: zombie kitten images, gore
Summary: I make no apologies. This is [Bad username or site: @] fault. She prompted me. It is also for my experiments by evil scientist square on my hc_bingo card.

Remember no apologies )
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Title: 2184
Author dmk0064/winterstar
Rating: R (strong for sexual content)
Genre/Characters: angst, AU, Neal, Sara, Peter, Elizabeth, Mozzie, Keller, Adler, and mentions of other minor characters, Neal/Sara
Word Count: 12k+
Fandom: White Collar
Warnings: sexually explicit situations, disturbing images
Summary: In the year 2184, art is a crime, and Neal Caffrey is the most wanted criminal. Peter Burke is the agent assigned to find and kill Neal. They are mortal enemies, except when they’re not.

Special thanks to my beta reader [ profile] theatregirl7299 for all the cheerleading and corrections. Without her, I don’t think this story would have been written at all.

Author’s note: This story is for [ profile] citrinesunset for the WC pairing fic swap. I am not sure if I should apologize or say, I hope you like it. I didn’t really write to a prompt, but I still wrote to a plot, hope that is still good for you!

On LJ find Part 1
On Lj find Part 2

Or on AO3
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How is it possibly Summer without White Collar??
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not much this weekend considering I was 100% momma this weekend with the dragons. We had fun, but as you can see from one of my previous posts going to a movie that covers a genre and a fandom I loved in my youth with my kids has to be carefully selected. Because they kind of ruin the experience! Ha!

But I digress, the real point of this post is to 1. pat myself on the back because I officially reached 208k words for this year, and 2. ask my flist if anyone is really interested in a WC/Captain America crossover. No it is not about superheroes. It is my WC BB and it really centers on Neal and solving a case (very much a casefic). I am trying to decide if I should actually drop out of the WC BB because I think I will be wasting my time and eventually my beta's time (especially since she's wants to write two of these things). So, what should I do? Speak to me flist? Are you interested in a crossover where Neal and Peter are investigating the possibility that an art student (Steve Rogers) is responsible for a theft ring and murders?? What say you?
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Maybe this should have been a poll, but I am too lazy to think one up. I want to ask a question about stories. My question coming up )
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god awful list of things on my to do and need to write list, etc. So now I am completely ignoring it (because this is what I want to do right now - sue me). I am asking you to prompt me.

Here are the rules - yes I have rules for everything (I'm a mother, that's how I roll):

You can prompt me in one of the fandoms listed below, so you get what you are interested in reading.

You can prompt me in one of the fandoms listed below withe one of the characters I like to write - so I write something I am interested in and NOT something I totally am not interested in.

You can prompt me with a pairing.

You can prompt me with a word.

You can prompt me with a picture.

Fandoms: WC - Neal centric; MCU - Stony centric, Stargate SG1 - Daniel centric, ST-AOS, K/S centric or Bones (I like Bones).

I might not do it if it isn't in my comfort zone - I'll tell you and you can always reprompt.

prompt away!!!!
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So, I am on about day 4 of sick - I started getting sick mid-week last week but am not counting those days. About Friday I started to feel crummy and Saturday had me lying in bed hoping to die. I couldn't I have little childrens and many mommy things to do. So I got myself out of bed and cleaned, and washed windows, and hung curtains. Yes, sick as a dog I hung curtains. Therefore, guess what - it is Monday and I am still sick. Hopefully I am on the mend. I am working from home today, so it is nice and quiet and I get some down time, too (which is hard to do with little ones).

Here is my rambling post about all of my writing projects and other shit )
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Author: [ profile] dmk0064
Fandoms: Stargate SG1, White Collar, The Avengers, Captain America
H/C: loss of possessions, heat stroke, phobias

My list of fifteen recommendations- Phew! This was NOT easy! )


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