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If you would like to look at my fic listing, please send me a PM for a friend request. I will not open up my journal to anyone other than friends due to trolls. I apologize but it is a necessary evil.
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In celebration of publishing over 1,000,000 words of fanfiction on AO3 (special note – this does not include all of the fanfiction I’ve written)…I just wanted to list some of my favorite stories that I wrote for different fandoms that can be found on AO3:

Upon Waking
A story of recovery. In a world without superheroes, Tony Stark, the disinherited son of a billionaire, goes to Afghanistan as an embedded media star, only to be held hostage for months until he’s rescued. During his recovery, his therapist Doctor Bruce Banner prescribes an unusual treatment; volunteer work at a rehab center. He meets an eclectic assembled group including a vet who thinks he’s Thor, a physical therapist who might be a spy, and an all American hero, Steve Rogers. It is Steve Rogers, the soldier in a coma, who captures his interest and, eventually, his heart.

White Collar:
Time in the Bat Cave
Neal contracts a serious illness, Peter waits.

Stargate SG1:
The Beggar's Feast
The team is caught off world during a war. Daniel must save an injured Jack but to do so, he must put himself in danger. (Note – no beta on this story)

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Maybe this should have been a poll, but I am too lazy to think one up. I want to ask a question about stories. My question coming up )
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Okay I thought I would write down some of the ideas I am working on and give you all a hint of what I hope to accomplish (plus putting it out there gives me initiative to try and actually do it).

1. White Collar Big Bang - to be posted this Saturday! \o/ 43K of AU Modern Gothic Fairy Tale/Romance. Hope you will all like it.

2. Epilogue/Tag to the Empathia story I just published, because I want to and I want to see Neal through Peter's eyes now. So that should be a short one and I hope to publish it in the next week or so.

3. Empathia sequel - yes this will be another story - but will hinge on some of the rest of the stories. It will be adventure/horror/romance. I am already cooking up some ideas. This will take a bit longer to publish - but I am working on it.

4. Surprise AU!! This one I am going to have to tell you I started working on some time ago, abandon it because I thought I would develop it for an original story, decided against that and decided I really really see it in the WC universe. My plan --- is to make this novel length so we are talking MUCH longer than the BB. I've written novel length before, so I hope I can do it again. Keep your fingers crossed and you will hear updates here but I will not hint at it until it is time for posting.

5. Life series - yep I still have one more story here.

6. Protective Custody - I have the next chapter outlined (well as much as I outline), I just have to watch a particular episode to make sure it fits properly into the series.

Okay there it is? Thoughts? Requests? Happiness? Sadness? Anything? Bueller? Bueller?
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Tiny warning here - Scary plane moments described.

My hubby and I returned yesterday from Great Exuma, Bahamas. Trips like these always put a little bit of my world in perspective. It was sunny and warm and the colors of the water were absolutely amazing. They are not lying when they say Emerald Bay. The water was warm and inviting, the days were lazy and easy. I understand the concept of island time. I suddenly understood what it might be like to live in a place where life is a lot slower and the weight of stresses that mean nothing in the long term scheme of things.

I want to go back, I know it will be difficult to go back. The weather was a dream, resort beyond luxury! I spent a ton of money on this trip and while I am hyperventilating about it. I am still very happy we did. We needed the break and I needed to get my head on straight.

I meant to write, I thought I would write a ton. I did write, but I only wrote for SG1 (surprise!). I revisited perspective in my life and that worked out. I read some books and realized a lot of what I read in fanfic is actually written worlds better. I wonder how some authors get published these days?

But that is off track - the track of this is all about being focused and mindful and just experiencing today. One thing I learned on the flight back (which I can confess was the worst thing about the vacation) is that you have to live in the present and enjoy it. Our plane hit what they call a vortex of turbulence. It was flung upwards and then dropped like a lead balloon from what the captain reported was a 1000 ft. Drop, drop, drop. It was not any fun. People hit the CEILING of the plane, seriously slammed up against the ceiling. It was all I could do NOT to cry afteward. It was ALL I could do to actually get on the connecting flight and get home. But all is well and good and I will fly again. It made me see life in perspective -we shouldn't live for vacations, we should make everyday as good as vacations.

So, I will try and stay mindful of what I learned in the ease of the Bahamas and the ocean and the beauty as well as the spice of the terror near the end. It tells a lesson does it not?

Yes that is my hubby and me.
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Okay - I am out of here (again). This time as I mentioned before I will be leaving without my babies (okay 6 and 4 year old boys). I will be going to a tropical paradise (or so I've been told) - so I am excited to spend time in a beautiful place. Plan on bringing my sketch book and camera (of course). I am also bringing my laptop because while hubby runs off to do some of his sporty stuff I will be sitting writing! Yippee! On the list includes: Big bang, Empathia, and a prequel to Scars in his Eyes, as well as the next chapter of Protective Custody (SG1).

As you can imagine, I am still in panic mode about leaving my babes, but I know they will be fine. In-laws are taking care of them, so all is good.

After this there will be no vacations for a LONG time since I am switching employers and will lose all of my leave (which sucks since I am doing absolutely the same job, but just losing all my seniority). Oh the wonder of working in a changing environment.

I am looking forward to still writing and still interacting, just in a lot lazier way! Ha!

Keep good thoughts for my travel - because I suck big time with travel!
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Please find a list of all of my Stargate SG1 fanfiction here. The ratings range from G to NC17, pairings can be hetero or homosexual. No overt depictions of sex, but there is some sexual depictions. Very overt depictions of violence and torture. I am a hurt comfort addict after all!

Read More Stargate stories )
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Title: Death Stains
Author: winterstar/dmk0064
Rating: PG13
Genre: hurt and comfort, Jack and Daniel
Summary: This is for the wildcard square on my dark bingo card, I picked nightmares. Special thanks to [Bad username or site: @] and my peeps over on the Danielficrec for the prompts. Daniel dreams of ascension

Read Story here )
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My hc_bingo card )
There's a little tiny part of me that wants to use the ENTIRE card and answer with one MAMMOTH story...but that would mean too much head space for it...but it kind of begs for that doesn't it?

SG: Ropes

Jun. 5th, 2012 06:28 pm
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Title: Ropes
Author: winterstar/dmk0064
Genre: hurt/comfort
Rating: R
Warning: bondage, asexual!dom/sub
Summary: This is a tag to the Stargate SG1 stories Under Shadows Fall and A Perfect Sacrifice. It is years later and Jack finds a way to ease Daniel’s suffering.

Read the story here )
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too many long writing projects and not enough shorter ones to share - I give you a line - the first line of a story.

You tell me what does it mean - who is it? Where should it go - you can even take it and write a story if you want - or tell me more of the story and see if I'll write it -

"He lies on the bed, languid nearly liquid in his satiation."
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Okay I have been pulled, heaved, and hoisted into the reverse remix pot. So here I am offering it up. Please see my post on: God, I hope this link works.

I'm willing to give it a try but I can't promise it will be any good. The whole point is that you give me a story you've written and ask me to write from a different angle. I will probably not do long sagas so stay away from that. Shorter the better since I am still new at figuring this out. My dreamwidth journal is here
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Okay this idea was stolen from rabidchild67. So here are my WIP or soon to be posted stories. I just wanted to post and say that yes I am still writing and yes I have a ton of stuff on my hard drive just waiting for posting times.

WC big bang this is currently my main project. I am writing a gothic type horror story with lots of Neal hurt, Neal angst, and mystery. So I hope it works out right.

WC pairings fest can't really talk about this one right now, but let's just say I get to play in a sandbox I've never ventured into before - so I am VERY excited about this one!

Epilogue to Life Series Believe it or not I have one more story for the Life series and I am going to try and post it sometime this month. That means I actually have to write it!

Hurt comfort fest for June over at ljhc My posting date is June 30 - and I just finished my story tonight! So excited. It is lots and lots of Angst for Peter and so much pain for Neal. I still have to let it set for a few days before I decide whether or not it's actually a good ending.

Empathia story This one is a bit of a way off since I am waiting for rabidchild to actually post her story first. I put it out there for others to play in the verse, I want them to go ahead and grow the verse before I start playing around in it.

Head trauma story I have two story prompts I want to answer - one where Neal can see illness after a head injury and one where Neal has an ear ache but has to jump buildings. That sounds like fun! So these might be high up on the list for writing soon.

That's all for WC. I still have two SG1 stories I need to finish up. Then I want to see if there's anything else I have to write there.

I didn't even list my dark_bingo card or the fact I am now officially starting my original story (again) but this one is completly different than what I've tried before - so maybe this one will work.
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April Challenge for hc_bingo is to crossover two or more fandoms with one or more prompts. Here are my prompts:

job-related trauma

And my fandoms? Of course, I'm thinking White Collar and Stargate SG1 - hmmm - how would I do that?

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Author: dmk0064
Fandoms: White Collar, Stargate SG1
HurtComfort bites, rejection, self-harm, hospital stay, de-aged, septicemia, death, kidnapping, interrogation, mutation, first transformation, whippingflogging, forced soulbounding, scars
Fills here )
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Yippee...My Stargate SG1 story won for action/adventure in the team category. This was a labor of love and the longest fanfiction I've written to date. It is a novel. I thought it might not have a chance because it was really more of a Daniel centric story, but the team did have to work together to get out of a very nasty situation. If you are interested in reading it. Please go to The Beggar’s Feast. It is also archived at AO3.

Thanks to all who voted for my story!! It means a LOT. Can you believe this story sat on my hard drive untouched for 4 years!! Just goes to show you - never give up on a story.

Donna aka winterstar
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Title: Imagining Life
Author: Winterstar
Rating: PG
Pairing: none
Spoilers: Through season 10
Summary: Jack remains by his side. For the de-age square on my hc_bingo card. MAJOR CHARACTER DEATH/DISAPPEARANCE

Jack cradles the infant in his arms. There is something precious and beautiful about a newborn. The incongruity of life held within his arms captures him and keeps him. He stares down at the bundle, the fighting struggle of life in his embrace. Perfect in form, the newborn looks unfocused about the room, at him. He knows a baby cannot see far in the first hours of life, not even in the first weeks of life. They can see about a foot – enough to see their mother’s face as the infant nurses. He leans down into the child’s face and whispers.

“Last call, Daniel.” His voice breaks and he shivers. He rocks the chair and gazes away from the infant’s face. He has no idea if Daniel even knows, or understands anymore. He lost the ability to communicate last night.

It has only been two weeks since this nightmare began, since Daniel started to de-age. They’d finally figured out what the hell was going on half way through the first week, when Daniel offered up the idea that perhaps there was something to the myth that Merlin aged backwards. He was standing in his lab; his clothes a size too big. It reminded Jack of those first moments he laid eyes on Doctor Daniel Jackson all those years ago.

Merlin had left Daniel a parting gift, or a curse. In less than two weeks after his transformation from a Prior/Merlin, Daniel had started to de-age. His faculties had stayed completely intact and, so, as Jack glances down at the infant he tries to comfort in his arm, he wonders if Daniel still knows, still understands.

He hears several people in the other room. Everyone has gathered at Sam’s house; they calculated the time Daniel had left if the de-aging process continued in its rapid rate. Unofficially, today is Daniel’s birthday – or death day, Jack doesn’t know how to think about it. The babe in arms makes a slight sound. It is off, not a baby gurgle or an infant’s too immature larynx trying to sound a protest, but a sigh.

Everything has been robbed of Daniel, Jack thinks. In these last hours, he is paralyzed by his inability to speak or to see. Jack spectacles if it would have been a mercy to stop this process early by one way or another. They thought of freezing Daniel, but no one knew if the process would continue, or even if there would be anything they could do about it – now or in the future. Jack begged him to allow the government to freeze him, but Daniel refused. No one understood why it was happening now when Merlin was an old man when they met him. They ran medical test after medical test and nothing was wrong. Daniel was healthy – for his age…whatever age that happened to be at that moment.

The long harsh night is upon them and Jack calls in the team.

Carter walks into the guest bedroom first. Her arms are folded around her, just like Daniel used to do in his most vulnerable of hours. She offers her hands to him and he gives the infant to her. She sways back and forth and whispers to Daniel. “You have been a perfect counterpoint, a perfect friend, a perfect brother. I can’t go through this again.” Her last words to him are only mouthed. “Please, Daniel.”

Her tears drip down onto the baby’s forehead and she wipes them away. She kisses him and then hands him back to Jack.

Mitchell enters the room next, but does not take the infant into his arms. He curls a finger along the velvet cheek of the baby and says, “Hey, Sunshine, seems the team ain’t going to be the same, anymore.” He glances up at the filtering sunlight – it is almost twilight – coming from the window. Jack sees the struggle to hold his tears back. He whispers, “Sunshine.” He leaves without a look back at Jack or Daniel.

Teal’c walks into the room next; he bows to the babe and then holds him in his arms. The massive bulk of Teal’c seems to envelop all that is the infant. “My friend, my brother, my warrior, you will always be an inspiration and be remembered. It has been an honor.” Teal’c voice remains steady and true and Jack knows Daniel would appreciate it. Teal’c leaves as Vala enters.

She opens her hands and Jack lifts the newborn Daniel into her arms. She puts her face into Daniel’s and uses her nose to touch his. She kisses his forehead, his cheeks. Her hair is in pigtails and brushes Daniel’s face. “My Daniel. I’m glad I abducted you. I’m glad you saved me. Remember us, my Daniel, remember us.”

She sniffles and hands the baby back to Jack. She slips out without another word. He moves over to the door and closes it. Sitting in the rocker again, Jack cuddles the baby to his chest. The infant snuggles close and another low sigh softens the air. Jack sings. It is a nursery song he used to sing to Charlie. He sings it over and again as the day fades away. He only stops when he falls asleep with the weight of the baby in his arms.

Hours later a slight popping noise wakes him. He jerks to consciousness and realizes the baby is gone. Daniel has disappeared from existence. He holds the empty blankets, his shoulders sink and he damns himself. He lost his chance to say goodbye. Just like before.

He embraces the blankets to his chest and lifts them to smell the gentle fragrance of a newborn. He says goodbye.



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