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Okay so I knew that I was going to like Captain America: The Winter Soldier. It had all the right elements for me. Read more with spoilers )
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I have embedded the spoilers so that you can read some of my review but not all of it if you do not want to be spoiled:

As the movie started, I was a little worried because during the first action sequences they used the hand held shaky camera which I am generally not much of a fan. All I said to myself was shit, I am going to hate how this is filmed. But, but, but it wasn't filmed throughout like that AND the shaky camera worked in kinetic fight sequences. Very well. So that wasn't a show stopper at all (which it usually is). BEST CAR CHASES EVER - (and I am a child of The French Connection which has one of the best car chases ever filmed). The fact that the Russo brothers decided to use real action, real cars, makes a WORLD of difference. I cringed and squirmed in my seat. Said, holy shit a lot. Seriously some of the things that happen - GREAT, CREATIVE.

I will get to the more specific stuff later - but I did want to say it was much more violent than I thought it would be (not gushing of the blood) but a lot of realistic gun play and death. It felt real because of the reliance on real stunt work and staged gun play. I was surprised at that.

Now on to the spoilers )

Overall, a superb movie, the best in the bunch of Marvel movies. The only thing that would have made it better was Stony and that isn't happening! Oh and just to tell you - Chris Evans after the long press tour he did up to April 2 - is now filming Avengers 2. I mean the man must be exhausted. Give him five minutes to sleep.
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Okay this is my own White Collar wrap up - if you don't want to read it or deal with that's fine. But if you do Read it here )
My recommendation for you, if you want to find out what happens next considering the events of the season finale - you can find it here - I wrote it two years ago Scars in his Eyes. All in eleven chapters and over 37,000 words! Hope you like it!
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So here are some thoughts about what has been going on with White Collar lately Read more )
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The entire movie was shot with such precision and love for each and every frame. It was entrancing and terrifying all the way through the 90 minutes. It didn't drag at all - it shoots straight to the action. It leaves you breathless, and begging, and squinting, and hiding your face in your hands. And there's no monsters, nothing evil - just space, and time, and gravity. This movie was brilliant and if you don't go see it, I think you're missing the entire reason to see a movie in a theater. My only reservation - I would not see it in 3D - I didn't and am glad because I would have been sick 10 minutes into the film. Bullock deserves an award for this and so does the director Cuaron. Absolutely stunning.
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when published authors just cannot seem to accomplish the same thing? Seriously, one of the reasons I don't read tons of published crap is that it is just that crap. I spend what precious time I have rolling my eyes at the simple plot, the characters I don't give a shit about, and the lack of real danger or threat to the characters. Don't get me wrong, there are some wonderful published books out there! I do read them! It is a necessary. But for some reason fanfiction authors (the truly skilled ones) can offer a story that is so wonderful and touching and gripping with characters who you adore from the get go. How great is that?

Back in the day when I was growing up, my mom read a lot of the reader's digest version of books. As I grew up, I scoffed at her. Why would you read something that was a digest of what the author intended. My mom kept telling me because she didn't have a lot of time to read and these books gave her what she was looking for then. I didn't get it then, I get it now. Fanfiction (in my case) serves a very similar purpose.
----REC-----(you can skip down to the part with QUESTION)----
I love it when the fanfiction story I've picked to read has the romance I am looking for, the plot that's logical, and the danger/hurt/comfort I crave. One such story in the MCU verse is As Sharp as Any Thorn by Rurounihime. The story starts just days from Christmas. There are people in the government looking to take Tony's tech, he has a glitch in his tech, there's Christmas coming, and Tony is totally head over heels in love with Steve. It sets up great. The glitch then becomes a threat which leads to a great subversion and Tony on his knees hoping that Steve survives. I won't ruin it for anyone who wants to read it. But it is gripping and I stayed up late last night just to finish the action sequence. So well done. All the characters are IC. You will love them all....Go read.
If you don't read, then tell me a little more about what you AREN'T looking for in fanfiction. Like what really turns you off from a story - Oh and NO CHARACTER OR PAIRING BASHING ALLOWED. My journal, my rules!
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Okay now you're thinking that I'm nuts. We just watched the season finale, I must have gotten the title to my post wrong, right? Keep on reading if you want to find out why I titled it that way )
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A great video mix of Captain America and The Avengers. It has just the right amount of feel to it, that you get an idea what it must be for Steve Rogers in a new day and his lost life from World War II. Also the music by Carbon Leaf "The War was in Color" is startling with the last verse. Breaks your heart. Please take a look even if you are not a Cap fan, you will be touched by the lyrics and the vid just goes to your heart:

The War was in Color by Settai with music by Carbon Leaf

I liked it so much I bought the album by Carbon Leaf which is pretty good too.
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I rarely use my journal to recommend stories or fanfiction. I do want to take the time to recommend a new writer to the White Collar fanfiction realm. Auburn (over on AO3) is a fantastic writer with a wild and wonderful imagination. Her ability to whump! Neal is outstanding, while at the same time not making a story about the whump but about an intelligent, thoughtful, and intricate plot.

She's written two stories of great length.

The first one I read I almost didn't read, but gave it a shot. It is a fusion of WC, Chuck, and Fringe. It is called Intelligent Designs. Her deft handling of all of the different fandoms makes it so that you really don't actually have to know any of the fandoms to enjoy the story. I know this because I've never seen an episode of Chuck and only have a cursory understanding of Fringe. She understands how different characters have different voices and so when she's writing from different POV, you can actually tell the brain you are in from the writing. It is a wild crazy story that is 117k words. How can you not love that! Her first WC story and it is long and wonderful and takes Neal from his confident self, tears him up, redefines him, and comes into a new definition. In this verse Neal and Bryce both exist and there is a reason for that (I won't ruin it for you). Caution - Peter is drawn with human faults and doesn't end up in the best light for a good portion of the book (and yes it is a book). He finally comes to terms with his new world order. What happens to Neal and Bryce is greatly much so I want a sequel!!

The second one is her entry into the White Collar Big Bang. Remain Faithful. And what an entry it is - she switches things up so that Kate is the con-artist and Neal is the innocent. But she doesn't stop there instead of Peter finding Kate after she breaks out of prison in the apartment alone. He finds her dead with a bullet to her brain. Neal is the suspect, but that isn't really played up as much as Peter and his drive to find Neal and figure out who really did it. Because he knows Neal didn't do it. He knows Neal as much as he knows Kate because he tracked Neal to find Kate. This compresses the storyline from two seasons into a 70K word story. Here Neal is vulnerability at its best. Yet, he's still smart and still so talented. June makes an appearance as does Mozzie and all of the crew. Interestingly, she pulled Peter and Elizabeth a part and has them divorce over Peter's obsession when he was chasing Kate. They are still friends and it shows and it plays a huge part in Peter's relationship with Neal. Neal is fragile in this story, but not weak. It is a slash story so there is some explicit content.

I highly recommend both of these stories. So wonderfully wrought. Go and read and tell me what you think! And go and tell Auburn. She deserves a welcome to the fandom and encouragement to stay in the fandom!!!!
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A recommendation - This is a fanvid by rumrouz - it is a joy - and that is the only way to describe it!

Safety Dance
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Dark, seedy, Manhattan in 1864 - Cops who kill for justice, emotional angst, hurt and pain...glorious stuff here - the first two episodes blew me away. It is on Sunday nights BBC America at 10 pm ET. Highly recommend it.



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