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I finished two RBBs. One for the CAPIM RBB and one for the CAPRBB. They were fun to write. The CAPIM RBB is over 65k and the CAPRBB clocks in at 46K. That's a lot more than I figured they would be. I could have made both much longer but because I was writing two, and I had limited my time in fandom writing, it was squeezed. I hope people like them. This is kind of a make or break moment in my fandom life. If this doesn't re-inspire me and bring me back to the fold, I don't know what will. I feel like I've been beaten up by fandom since CW came out and it never really stopped. The craptastic comments and other messages I've gotten as a Steve fan have not been great. It didn't help that Marvel comics made Steve evil (I don't care if it will be retconned eventually - it ruined my experience with fandom). So if this doesn't do it, I will probably just need to walk away from fandom until something new and exciting happens or I find a new fandom.

It is really distressing me in some ways. I want to be active and have a good time, and a good discussion. But I find myself excluded. Thankfully, I am old enough to not let it get to me personally, but it does make me want to completely give up and let fandom be that ugly place I remember.

Any way I am excited about my RBBs. The CAPIM RBB is a AU. Non- powered (my specialty). And my beta thinks it is the best writing I've done since Upon Waking. Which is saying something. My CAPRBB is post-CW but it fusion of a comic book character with the MCU. It works for the most part - and please look for the art - my artist is a dream. She's producing so much art for this story! It's wonderful. Read it even if it is a rare pairing because it is worth it for the art!

May posting dates for both.


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