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No, I am not talking about the subtle ones - but this one:

Yeah, that's a lot of fun!
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this man's good looks will....and the freaking wait to see the movie Spoilers for Captain America: The Winter Soldier )
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The entire movie was shot with such precision and love for each and every frame. It was entrancing and terrifying all the way through the 90 minutes. It didn't drag at all - it shoots straight to the action. It leaves you breathless, and begging, and squinting, and hiding your face in your hands. And there's no monsters, nothing evil - just space, and time, and gravity. This movie was brilliant and if you don't go see it, I think you're missing the entire reason to see a movie in a theater. My only reservation - I would not see it in 3D - I didn't and am glad because I would have been sick 10 minutes into the film. Bullock deserves an award for this and so does the director Cuaron. Absolutely stunning.
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and wearing the Commander Rogers uniform. They are doing work on a bridge as well as work on ground level. Chris is on ground level (not in those photos). His double is doing the bridge work.
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Title Leaving
Author dmk0064/winterstar
Fandom White Collar
Genre AR, hurt/comfort, angst, this is not a crossover but it is
Pairings Peter/Elizabeth, Kate/Adler, previous Kate/Neal
Warnings MAJOR character death (see notes for information)
Summary Peter receives a package which leads him to find a whole new reality as he follows Mozzie around the world and through time.

This story is posted on AO3

Chapter 10
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Yes Pixar animation studios for years catered to boys (which is good in so many ways since Disney seems to think that boys don't exist except as an accessory to some Princess - and all girls are looking to be swept off their feet by handsome brave men). With the movie BRAVE Pixar turned the tables. Sure the heroine of the story is a princess but she climbs mountains, rides horses with abandon, and is one hell of a shot with a bow and arrow. On top of all that she fights bears, makes horrendous mistakes which might lead to her mother's death, and learns a lesson or two along the way.

Brave is a new kind of movie for girls, telling them to weave their own fate, but to remember where they came from, and to listen to the lessons of the past. Brava - Pixar for getting it right for girls (and boys alike).

PS both my little boys loved it!


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