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Some quick updates for anyone out there - sometimes I think I'm talking to the tumbleweeds....Rambling rambles )
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I am sitting in a hotel room in the peace and quiet, wanting to write and I am sick Read my whining )
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So I was reading through my friends page and I find a post about all the angst and fighting and freaking out in the WC fandom. What the hell is going on? )
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Look at this man - he's Steve Rogers through and through.....Why isn't it April yet?

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Okay, you may not want to dance naked in the streets but I am about ready to do the nekkid dancing all around my house (okay not outside - it is too freaking cold). But I got my pathology report back today Dancing Naked is Fun )
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with one of your stories (or a verse you created) that you did not want to leave it? I think I'm there, right now. My Cap-Ironman Big Bang is finished like I said. I am even slowly editing it now. But I'm also cooking up more for it, I actually have some ideas for at least one timestamp, maybe could be a sequel. I love the verse so much, I don't want to leave it. I will eventually, I am just not writing too much this week. I need a break. But I really do need to get back to my projects, soon.
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So over the last two months I wrote my two big bangs. For Marvel my big bang stands around 53k. For Cap-Ironman Big Bang (which I wrote in under a month - because I am nuts) clocks in at 77k. Yes, that is 130k with editing to do. Most of the editing will be clean up and revisions and some additions. I expect the Marvel BB to stay about where it is. I think the C/I BB will grow a tad bit more. Not sure. It needs some revisions and a clean up and a few extra scenes added or expanded. The Marvel BB will not be published until mid to late October and the C/I BB will be published after November 1. Marvel BB already turned in the rough draft and have a great artist for! C/I BB will turn in on September 29th, to find out if I get an artist. Very happy to have both of them completed in their rough draft form.


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