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To report I am still around - the surgery went well. I am still in some pain, but expect it will taper off as I heal. The results won't be back for a bit, so I have to try not to think about whether or not I am collecting cancers as a new hobby or not. This procedure is supposed to be both diagnostic and therapeutic. So if I do have cancer, if I have clean margins I am essentially good to go. Laying around for the rest of the weekend, may telework on Monday if I still don't feel well enough.

A mighty hi to all the WC folks at the meet up. I miss you all.

And a mighty hi to all my MCU folks and SG1 folks. Fandom is the best!
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Sorry I have been missing in action lately. Just a quick note or two:

1. I go in for more cutting and biopsing on Thursday.

2. Had some crappy results last Wednesday. Cried a river, but hell I'm still here now, right?

3. I think I've watched CA:TWS like a dozen times since I down loaded it!

4. To all my WC peeps going to the meet up - have fun. Wish I could go but I will be recovering from #1. Please report!!

I have been reading - and thinking about everyone! Hope all is well.
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I just yanked this from my bestie [Bad username or site: @] and would love it if people played. And yes it is my birthday - my 50th! Whee. And just for you I also included a picture of yours truly (prior to neck slashing) so you can see what a 50 year old (okay I was 49 in the picture) looks like.

This got a little long and silly so under the cut it goes )
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Okay my ass is not lazy - actually I have no idea what you might classify it as - though it does have a tattoo. Anyone want to guess More meaningless rambles here )
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In my elation the other day when I received the results from my biopsy my brain was not functioning. When the biopsy was performed the doctor said it would be considered inadequate because she couldn't get all the samples she wanted. With that in mind I have to accept the fact that there is a high possibility that the pap smear is correct and the biopsy was just a false negative. It happens all the time. So, with that in mind and my brain functioning a little better, I am calling up my primary care physician and getting her to discuss with my gynecologist about a pap in 6 months instead of a year. If it turns out positive again, I can probably just get the procedure to clean everything up and all will be good again. Why am I writing this? I don't know maybe anxiety, maybe just to force myself to face reality and what I have to do.

Thanks all for your support!
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Okay, celebrations are in order because at this time there will be no further funking around with my cervix. There is no sign of dysplasia but there is active HPV (80% of women in the US are positive for HPV at some time in their life if they've ever had sex with some one who isn't a virgin- you get the idea). It is one of those viruses that hangs out in your system for years waiting for your immune system to get overtaxed. Obviously this happened to me with the thyca. So what does this all mean? I still have a risk of developing cervical cancer, it is still lurking waiting to hit me, but if I keep boosting my immune system, I should be able to fight off the active HPV and make it latent again. So yes there's no sign of cancer at this time. \o/. The caveat? The biopsy was inadequate - because well that's a whole other story about how my cervix might be considered the gates of MorDor as far as opening. I won't get into that, because it is a long story. I just have to keep it monitored and watched and all should be good.

And as I said, JFC I'm going to have a freaking stroke from all the stress.
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Okay, you may not want to dance naked in the streets but I am about ready to do the nekkid dancing all around my house (okay not outside - it is too freaking cold). But I got my pathology report back today Dancing Naked is Fun )
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I am dying to write, to really set my chops down and write. I have a story open and staring at me, but I don't have the brain power to put two words together (well, that's not true especially since I am writing this post). I just don't have a lot of strength to think up the next scene. Plus I am having these awesomely awful vocal chord spasms - feels like someone is choking me from the inside (I have been looking about the house to see if Darth Vader is hanging out). Hopefully, by the end of the weekend I can get another chapter of one of my WIP and start on my ficmas exchange story.

Thanks for all the words of encouragement - DFTBA (yes, I'm sorry vlogbrothers have eaten my brain).
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Just to update everyone - Monday my surgery will occur sometime after 10:15 am ET. I don't actually expect it to happen then, because hospitals run notoriously late. The surgery should take between 2-4 hours (my poor husband). I don't think I could be him, I would be a wreck! So after surgery I will be in recovery for some time (usually this is between 1-2 hours). Sometimes, they let your family into recovery, sometimes they don't - it all depends. Usually the first half hour or so - no, then they call back family once you are aware enough not to drool all over the place and look loopy. If I am lucky I would say I will be out of recovery and to my hospital room around 3-4 pm ET. My husband has a list of all the people he will be contacting to say I am okay and out of surgery (FX FX FX).

Now, we get to the title of this post - the ever-brilliant [ profile] rabidchild will be guesting at Winterstar transcending for the day. She will post my status right here! So you don't have to go searching around, hoping to find out some other way (if you would even do that). I hope to be able to update everyone again, either Tuesday or Wednesday when I leave the hospital and head home.

I have to admit I am a little worried about my dragons. My eldest is worried I will not return and has developed a tic because of his anxiety. I will give him extra love and assured him I will return. Dr Rockstar will make sure of that. I'm coming home damn it, and I will hug my babies again!

So watch for updates here- and thanks for all of your support!
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And yes I am correct - he is a rock star and he made me feel absolutely great and wonderful and I can do this and I am going to win and cancer is going to go into the deep dark void. I feel a lot better now. Thank you flist for all of your notes and hugs.

Next up - Surgery November 11th! 10:15 am.
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So what do my flist and The Lord of the Rings have in common. Better thoughts today )
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I just want to say there are some very good people out there. I've been having a time of it in fandom of late. I don't know why; I'm really trying not to be an annoyance and trying to stay in my little corner in the shadows over here, but somehow or another I've been stomp on a little too much lately.

But there are some people - some very good people who really stepped up to the plate. So I just wanted to say thank you publicly to [ profile] digitalwave and [ profile] rabidchild. You've made me very happy and you are the reason I'm still in fandom at my age. Thank you.


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