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Okay I am about ready to close up shop with lj. What I mean is that I am about done posting my stuff here and only want to keep an account for the occasional post and entry into different challenges hosted on lj. A lot of my work though is archived right here on lj - well, most of my WC stuff anyway. My thought is that I will move everything over to AO3 - I've heard people know how to import this stuff. Do tell how do I do it? I want a easy way.

Thanks for any help....
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Yanked this from the dear and lovely [Bad username or site: @]

1) Which fandoms have you written in?
List of fandoms on AO3 only )

2) Your best story title and why
I think that would have to be Time in the Bat Cave". The story and the title dropped in my head while I was driving. I had to pull over and capture it before it disappeared!

3) Your worst story title and why
This would have to go to More than Iron Man seriously this was supposed to be a 5+1 fic but I couldn't think of five things plus one, so this crappy title appeared.

4) The most popular pairing/fandom you've written for (by the standard of how many stories exist for that pairing written by everyone on AO3)

5) The rarest pairing fandom you've written for (by the standard of how many stories exist for that pairing written by everyone on AO3)
I don't think I've written many rare pairings, although my newest WIP fic hints at Pepper Potts/Carol Danvers but I don't really write it.

6) The most popular OT3/moresome you've written for (by the standard of how many stories exist for that pairing written by everyone on AO3)
Peter/Elizabeth/Neal in White Collar.

7) The rarest OT3/moresome you've written for (by the standard of how many stories exist for that pairing written by everyone on AO3)

8) First story and latest story you posted to AO3
I backdated some of my SG1 fics so that would be Safe House wrote that one back in 2008. And my WIP fic is my latest so that would be The Captain and His Courtesan.

9) Your top ten pairings on AO3
I don't have ten but here they are:

10) How many stories have you written with no pairings/OT3/moresomes listed?
Hmm not many? Not answering.....because I am lazy.
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I am seriously thinking of writing a kid!fic with Stony - now if you are a WC fan or SG1 fan do not go away - I need your words of wisdom. I am thinking I will write a Stony fic where Steve and Tony have a child (with Steve's DNA <-- this part is important). The child ends up with several of Steve's original health issues. It breaks Steve's heart, threatens their little family. No the kid will not be sick all the time, no the kid will not be a wimp - he'll be like little Steve but with sassy Tony's mouth.

Words of wisdom?

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Just to update everyone - Monday my surgery will occur sometime after 10:15 am ET. I don't actually expect it to happen then, because hospitals run notoriously late. The surgery should take between 2-4 hours (my poor husband). I don't think I could be him, I would be a wreck! So after surgery I will be in recovery for some time (usually this is between 1-2 hours). Sometimes, they let your family into recovery, sometimes they don't - it all depends. Usually the first half hour or so - no, then they call back family once you are aware enough not to drool all over the place and look loopy. If I am lucky I would say I will be out of recovery and to my hospital room around 3-4 pm ET. My husband has a list of all the people he will be contacting to say I am okay and out of surgery (FX FX FX).

Now, we get to the title of this post - the ever-brilliant [ profile] rabidchild will be guesting at Winterstar transcending for the day. She will post my status right here! So you don't have to go searching around, hoping to find out some other way (if you would even do that). I hope to be able to update everyone again, either Tuesday or Wednesday when I leave the hospital and head home.

I have to admit I am a little worried about my dragons. My eldest is worried I will not return and has developed a tic because of his anxiety. I will give him extra love and assured him I will return. Dr Rockstar will make sure of that. I'm coming home damn it, and I will hug my babies again!

So watch for updates here- and thanks for all of your support!
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And yes I am correct - he is a rock star and he made me feel absolutely great and wonderful and I can do this and I am going to win and cancer is going to go into the deep dark void. I feel a lot better now. Thank you flist for all of your notes and hugs.

Next up - Surgery November 11th! 10:15 am.
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So what do my flist and The Lord of the Rings have in common. Better thoughts today )
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So it all started yesterday (or maybe before - but I will get to that later)

Pathetic moaning which leads to a possible conspiracy -really I'm serious with death and destruction. Well, maybe not destruction but possible death and all that jazz )

ETA: I'll give it another day. If things get worse I'll go to the doctor on Friday. But seriously I think a conspiracy would have been much more interesting.
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I'm feeling off because of REASONS.....So I was looking through one of my favorite journal's [Bad username or site: @] when I came upon an old meme. I thought I might bring it back for some fun. Anyone want to play?

So post a reply here and I will....

1. Tell you why I friended you. If I remember.
2. Associate you with something.
3. Tell you something I like about you.
4. Tell you a memory I have of you.
5. Associate you with a character/pairing.
6. Ask something I've always wanted to know about you.
7. Tell you my favorite userpic of yours.
8. Tell you that you must post this in your own journal

GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (please, pretty please - yes I am completely aware the appearance of the please doesn't help it any, but what the hell!)
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So for the last five weeks I have been on furlough one day a week - that means the government has put me on leave without pay for one day. This does cut into the paycheck, but it also gives me a divine day of freedom. Now I used most of these days for family things - I am a momma after all. Three days I had the boys with me, two days I did not (only one of these days I was completely alone). I did vacation, I cleaned, I wrote - yes lovelies I wrote. How wonderful and calming and why can't I do this every week?

I just wish I could go part time, so that I could work it to have that day off once a week. It would be wonderful. Unfortunately that isn't allowed with my position and the last day of furlough (they decided not to do the full 11 weeks) is next week. I will have the boys again and I have to do momma school related things. Then we are in full swing back to school and all the cray cray that brings.

So flist - I so wish I could at least go part time but alas that will not come. Plus, last I heard my husband's job is in jeopardy and we might be really tightening our belts at the end of September! Wowza!
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First, thanks to my flist. I had a post recently where I bemoaned my outcast state in a very unShakespearean style. But everyone kind of stood around and held me up and even said some nice things about my writing. This is always good because I am completely and utterly without confidence when it comes to my writing. The rare times I think I've done something fantastic usually ends up with little feedback and a slap back to reality. So it is good to have a flist give you a pat on the back once in a while.

So I am writing four stories right now. One isn't getting the feedback I thought it would, but that is probably because it is 4th in the series and series have a tendency to peter out after a while. The other story I am currently posting - well it is a trope story and an experiment - so we will see about that. Maybe I should go and get a trope card or something. The other two are my bb so I'm not posting them yet. I have a lot of work to do on those so I will spend some time this weekend on them.

Anyhow, this was just a quick post to thank everyone for your encouragement. FLIST HUGS!!!
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OKay I gotta give everyone on my flist a hug and just about anyone else who actually reads my mad writing. You have no idea (or maybe you do) how very addicted I am to writing. I literally feel fear when I cannot write. I'm having heart palipitations now because I am going to my mom's tomorrow and will not be back until Sunday evening. Days and days without writing because - well let's just say I will be frowned upon and worse if I decide to take a few minutes for myself and write (even at night after the kids are in bed). So, for all of you who get this hugs. For all of you who read my stuff hugs. I have been lucky enough to be able to meet two great writers in the WC fandom, I hope someday to meet more of you.

So, I'll be around but wringing my hands because all the words are bursting and can't get out!!
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So if there is anyone out there on this Saturday sitting in front of their computer, I would like you to share with me. Just the other day to get my spirits up and some on my flist as well - I asked for you to tell me something that made you happy. Now I am going to ask you to confess something.

My confession - I haven't read a published legit book in nearly a year. I've read hundreds of thousands of words - so many wonderful words - but they were in fanfiction. When people ask me what I'm reading? I usually tell them oh some free books off the internet - you know from unknown authors. Then they ask if I can recommend any and I say hmm, sure, if I can remember the names. And of course, I never do and never share. Because I do not share this part of my life with RL (very much).

So your turn - confess and share. (Plus I get to use my hot new icon)
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Okay, so the other day I received the dreaded notice in my email - someone has removed you from their flist. I checked out the person and thought, yeah I can see why. We don't have tons in common about how we like White Collar and I haven't been posting White Collar fic of late. So, I thought, goodbye person and I took them off my flist as well.

So, some questions --

1. Fandom - do you need to be in the same fandom as someone to really enjoy being a fan? I wonder this because I've strayed, my flist, strayed far and wide. But several of my flist have been very supportive. So is it the fandom itself or being a fan which is important - if you get my drift.

2. Will you still love me, will you still need me when I'm a (FILL IN BLANK) fangirl? As I discussed with [Bad username or site: @] and [Bad username or site: @] I am a fandom butterfly. I go from flower to flower and enjoy it all. Truth be told, I still read Stargate SG1 fanfic. I haven't written any in over a year, but I still read it. Still once in a while look for it specifically. So while I'm flying around fandom to fandom, I don't completely abandon it. I still try and keep some interest (if possible).

3. Do you find yourself drifting to other fandoms or are you hardcore (FILL IN BLANK) fandom? I think the above explanation fills in why I am asking this.

So those are my little questions. I'm writing White Collar fanfiction this weekend for my pairings challenge. So \o/...then it will be on to my WC BB. With some of my MCU stuff to mix it up a bit. What are you planning for the weekend?
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From my limited little brain I found out today that I think it might be, could be, is someone very dear to me - her let's all cheer and take off our shirts (okay not us, how about Neal?) for [Bad username or site: @]


I wish this could have been a fic and maybe I will get to one after the whole list of stories I have to write (heehee)....but I just want you to have a great day (and year)!

Happy Birthday, Girlie!


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