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Okay so I knew that I was going to like Captain America: The Winter Soldier. It had all the right elements for me. Read more with spoilers )
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I just yanked this from my bestie [Bad username or site: @] and would love it if people played. And yes it is my birthday - my 50th! Whee. And just for you I also included a picture of yours truly (prior to neck slashing) so you can see what a 50 year old (okay I was 49 in the picture) looks like.

This got a little long and silly so under the cut it goes )
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Okay, you may not want to dance naked in the streets but I am about ready to do the nekkid dancing all around my house (okay not outside - it is too freaking cold). But I got my pathology report back today Dancing Naked is Fun )
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My son brought me a huge package of letters from his class today. All good wishes. After he went to bed, I read through his letter and I fell down on my knees and cried my eyes out. Read it here )
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Just to update everyone - Monday my surgery will occur sometime after 10:15 am ET. I don't actually expect it to happen then, because hospitals run notoriously late. The surgery should take between 2-4 hours (my poor husband). I don't think I could be him, I would be a wreck! So after surgery I will be in recovery for some time (usually this is between 1-2 hours). Sometimes, they let your family into recovery, sometimes they don't - it all depends. Usually the first half hour or so - no, then they call back family once you are aware enough not to drool all over the place and look loopy. If I am lucky I would say I will be out of recovery and to my hospital room around 3-4 pm ET. My husband has a list of all the people he will be contacting to say I am okay and out of surgery (FX FX FX).

Now, we get to the title of this post - the ever-brilliant [ profile] rabidchild will be guesting at Winterstar transcending for the day. She will post my status right here! So you don't have to go searching around, hoping to find out some other way (if you would even do that). I hope to be able to update everyone again, either Tuesday or Wednesday when I leave the hospital and head home.

I have to admit I am a little worried about my dragons. My eldest is worried I will not return and has developed a tic because of his anxiety. I will give him extra love and assured him I will return. Dr Rockstar will make sure of that. I'm coming home damn it, and I will hug my babies again!

So watch for updates here- and thanks for all of your support!
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So what do my flist and The Lord of the Rings have in common. Better thoughts today )
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I just want to say there are some very good people out there. I've been having a time of it in fandom of late. I don't know why; I'm really trying not to be an annoyance and trying to stay in my little corner in the shadows over here, but somehow or another I've been stomp on a little too much lately.

But there are some people - some very good people who really stepped up to the plate. So I just wanted to say thank you publicly to [ profile] digitalwave and [ profile] rabidchild. You've made me very happy and you are the reason I'm still in fandom at my age. Thank you.
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So the very talented [Bad username or site: @] made these wonderful manips for me (that I also have as icons - just have to upload them) but I couldn't wait and I had to show them off now! Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

See pretties here )
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So it all started yesterday (or maybe before - but I will get to that later)

Pathetic moaning which leads to a possible conspiracy -really I'm serious with death and destruction. Well, maybe not destruction but possible death and all that jazz )

ETA: I'll give it another day. If things get worse I'll go to the doctor on Friday. But seriously I think a conspiracy would have been much more interesting.
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I am interested in doing another Five times + one piece. But this is what I want to do....I want to do one for Stony and I want to do one for White Collar. Give me an idea that will work for BOTH of the fandoms! I want to see if I can challenge myself to write essentially two different stories for two different fandoms with the same prompt!

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First, thanks to my flist. I had a post recently where I bemoaned my outcast state in a very unShakespearean style. But everyone kind of stood around and held me up and even said some nice things about my writing. This is always good because I am completely and utterly without confidence when it comes to my writing. The rare times I think I've done something fantastic usually ends up with little feedback and a slap back to reality. So it is good to have a flist give you a pat on the back once in a while.

So I am writing four stories right now. One isn't getting the feedback I thought it would, but that is probably because it is 4th in the series and series have a tendency to peter out after a while. The other story I am currently posting - well it is a trope story and an experiment - so we will see about that. Maybe I should go and get a trope card or something. The other two are my bb so I'm not posting them yet. I have a lot of work to do on those so I will spend some time this weekend on them.

Anyhow, this was just a quick post to thank everyone for your encouragement. FLIST HUGS!!!
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Okay I know the vast majority of my flist are not Captain America fans, but I am reaching out and asking you to help me get from now until April 4th. I think I might fall over and become too fangirly if I have to wait that long......Clicking here means you want to help me survive )


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