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So if there is anyone out there on this Saturday sitting in front of their computer, I would like you to share with me. Just the other day to get my spirits up and some on my flist as well - I asked for you to tell me something that made you happy. Now I am going to ask you to confess something.

My confession - I haven't read a published legit book in nearly a year. I've read hundreds of thousands of words - so many wonderful words - but they were in fanfiction. When people ask me what I'm reading? I usually tell them oh some free books off the internet - you know from unknown authors. Then they ask if I can recommend any and I say hmm, sure, if I can remember the names. And of course, I never do and never share. Because I do not share this part of my life with RL (very much).

So your turn - confess and share. (Plus I get to use my hot new icon)
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Okay, so the other day I received the dreaded notice in my email - someone has removed you from their flist. I checked out the person and thought, yeah I can see why. We don't have tons in common about how we like White Collar and I haven't been posting White Collar fic of late. So, I thought, goodbye person and I took them off my flist as well.

So, some questions --

1. Fandom - do you need to be in the same fandom as someone to really enjoy being a fan? I wonder this because I've strayed, my flist, strayed far and wide. But several of my flist have been very supportive. So is it the fandom itself or being a fan which is important - if you get my drift.

2. Will you still love me, will you still need me when I'm a (FILL IN BLANK) fangirl? As I discussed with [Bad username or site: @] and [Bad username or site: @] I am a fandom butterfly. I go from flower to flower and enjoy it all. Truth be told, I still read Stargate SG1 fanfic. I haven't written any in over a year, but I still read it. Still once in a while look for it specifically. So while I'm flying around fandom to fandom, I don't completely abandon it. I still try and keep some interest (if possible).

3. Do you find yourself drifting to other fandoms or are you hardcore (FILL IN BLANK) fandom? I think the above explanation fills in why I am asking this.

So those are my little questions. I'm writing White Collar fanfiction this weekend for my pairings challenge. So \o/...then it will be on to my WC BB. With some of my MCU stuff to mix it up a bit. What are you planning for the weekend?
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Title: Five Times Steve was Propositioned and One Time He did the Propositioning
Author dmk0064/winterstar
Rating: PG13
Genre/Characters: Tony, Steve, ,
Word Count: 5k
Fandom: MCU, Captain America, Iron Man
Warnings: dub-con touching, talk of underage consent, mild consent issues
Summary: This partially answers a a prompt on avengerkink meme. Tony says something, Steve pays for it. Hijinks ensue.

Find the fic and a pic here
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Captain America: The Winter Soldier is filming in DC this week. Link here.

Isn't he cute!


Lordy look at his ARMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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