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Okay so I knew that I was going to like Captain America: The Winter Soldier. It had all the right elements for me. Read more with spoilers )
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It is kind of odd that I've decided to post this during the big November NaNo month - blah blah. But I decided to post it now because I need to make some decisions about life and how I want to handle it. So, as you might have read before I've written over 500k words this year alone. On AO3 (which does not store all of my stories) I've posted over 1 million words of fanfic. Lots of writing, lots of stories have been published. So what will be the goal be in the upcoming months and year?
This got a little long )
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I just want to say there are some very good people out there. I've been having a time of it in fandom of late. I don't know why; I'm really trying not to be an annoyance and trying to stay in my little corner in the shadows over here, but somehow or another I've been stomp on a little too much lately.

But there are some people - some very good people who really stepped up to the plate. So I just wanted to say thank you publicly to [ profile] digitalwave and [ profile] rabidchild. You've made me very happy and you are the reason I'm still in fandom at my age. Thank you.
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So the very talented [Bad username or site: @] made these wonderful manips for me (that I also have as icons - just have to upload them) but I couldn't wait and I had to show them off now! Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

See pretties here )
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Okay it could be better with some Neal/Peter or Spock/Kirk or Daniel/Jack....but still the sentiment is there!!!


Jul. 24th, 2013 11:15 pm
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I'm still a little miffed that Disney cannot do anything with their own Marvel characters (at Disney World - they can do things at all other places) because of a contract Marvel signed with Universal years ago. It stinks but they can have certain things like the Iron Man Monorail! So here it is -- pretty sleek if you ask me.

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Okay, so the other day I received the dreaded notice in my email - someone has removed you from their flist. I checked out the person and thought, yeah I can see why. We don't have tons in common about how we like White Collar and I haven't been posting White Collar fic of late. So, I thought, goodbye person and I took them off my flist as well.

So, some questions --

1. Fandom - do you need to be in the same fandom as someone to really enjoy being a fan? I wonder this because I've strayed, my flist, strayed far and wide. But several of my flist have been very supportive. So is it the fandom itself or being a fan which is important - if you get my drift.

2. Will you still love me, will you still need me when I'm a (FILL IN BLANK) fangirl? As I discussed with [Bad username or site: @] and [Bad username or site: @] I am a fandom butterfly. I go from flower to flower and enjoy it all. Truth be told, I still read Stargate SG1 fanfic. I haven't written any in over a year, but I still read it. Still once in a while look for it specifically. So while I'm flying around fandom to fandom, I don't completely abandon it. I still try and keep some interest (if possible).

3. Do you find yourself drifting to other fandoms or are you hardcore (FILL IN BLANK) fandom? I think the above explanation fills in why I am asking this.

So those are my little questions. I'm writing White Collar fanfiction this weekend for my pairings challenge. So \o/...then it will be on to my WC BB. With some of my MCU stuff to mix it up a bit. What are you planning for the weekend?
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From my limited little brain I found out today that I think it might be, could be, is someone very dear to me - her let's all cheer and take off our shirts (okay not us, how about Neal?) for [Bad username or site: @]


I wish this could have been a fic and maybe I will get to one after the whole list of stories I have to write (heehee)....but I just want you to have a great day (and year)!

Happy Birthday, Girlie!
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The Captain fighting the Winter Soldier. Pant, pant, the fangirl in me just died.


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