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This wonderful year from Mother's Day to Mother's Day - things I learned:

1. I see more and more of myself (both the good and the bad) in my children. This makes me want to be good.

2. I waste too much time griping and ranting about work when I should be present for my family. I learned that putting work on the back burner is a good thing.

3. A clean house makes my children no more happy than a messy one.

4. My husband truly, deeply loves me. And I him.

5. Be mindful of the present, because tomorrow is just a wish and a dream.

6. My children make me laugh and cry - both good things.

7. My husband strives to take care of me, even when he does it in ways I cannot understand.

8. I strive to take care of my husband, even when I do it in ways he doesn't understand.

9. Health is fleeting, take care to enjoy the day.

10. Love the moments, because that is all we have.

Big week -

Jan. 20th, 2014 12:50 pm
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I start my treatments this week Here we go! )

PLEASE DO NOT SAY I WILL BE GLOWING. It irritates the hell out of me.
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Yep, that is what boy mommies do.
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Okay so the trip wasn't that long and my dragons had a wonderful time at Grandmama's. I had less of a good time because I realized the reason I end up with horrible pain each and every time I am there is due to my mother. She spends a lot of time belittling me and trying to show everyone (including my husband and friends) what a bitch I am. She even went so far as to call me a bitch in front of one of my dearest and oldest friends. I hate to complain about her because 1. she is old, 2. a lot of people I know have lost their mothers, 3. she's always been like this, and 4. I know she will never change. I try to be pragmatic about it, but it just damn it hurts. But the boys had a good time and didn't realize how terrible it was for their momma. So that was a win. I didn't get to write much at all (though I did sneak in and write about 500 words one night - so that at least had me smiling). I have lots of plans for writing this month (even with the big Disney vacation coming up, because I know my husband will have no problem with me writing). So, on to the writing.....


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