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Title: Historical Inaccuracies
Author winterstar
Rating: PG13
Genre/Characters: Different realities merged, Tony/Steve, Tony/Bucky, Tony/Steve/Bucky, the gangs all here, plus the Norns, and Odin.
Word Count: 16k
Fandom: MCU, Captain America, Iron Man, The Avengers, Thor
Warnings: see tags for story
Summary: A written history. As the Asset, the Winter Soldier has one mission: to kill Captain America. His first assassination attempt fails, and when it does all the threads of reality get tangled and knotted only to leave a mess of memories for Tony Stark: Iron Man, Bucky Barnes: Captain America, and Steve Rogers: the Winter Soldier.

This is my entry into the Cap-Ironman Reverse Big Bang.
The artist is LePeru her work is embedded in the story.

Link to Fic and Art
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Part 3 )

Show your love to the artist Love_82 here
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Title: Affair
LJ User Name - Author: winterstar95
LJ User Name - Artist: love82
Rating: PG13
Genre/Characters: Post series story, angst, romance, Neal/Sara, Neal, Sara, Peter, Elizabeth, Mozzie
Word Count: 12.7k
Fandom: WC
Warnings: mild descriptions of violence, language, serious permanent injury to a major character
Summary: Based on An Affair to Remember Sara and Neal have a pact. After Neal finishes his sentence and he’s free of the tracker, they will meet at the top of the Empire State building and re-ignite their love affair. Only when Sara waits, Neal never shows up because his past comes to haunt him. The consequences will change the course of love and life.

A/N: Many thanks to my artist for a great piece, Love82 and to my wonderful beta who really fixed this - though I didn't take all of her advice so blame that on me! Thanks [ profile] rabidchild


Part 1 )
Part 2
Part 3
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Title: Upon Waking
Author:winterstar95 AKA dmk0064
Artist: [ profile] tripperfunster
Rating (fic/):NC17 fic/PG art
Universe:AU of MCU
Word Count:80,253
Warnings:long term recovery, coma, TBI, PTSD, attempted non-con during imprisonment (off screen), flashbacks, nightmares, language, sexual situations, suicidal ideation, alcohol abuse, blatant disregard for medical correctness, slow build

Fic Summary: A story of recovery. In a world without superheroes, Tony Stark, the disinherited son of a billionaire, goes to Afghanistan as an embedded media star, only to be held hostage for months until he’s rescued. During his recovery, his therapist Doctor Bruce Banner prescribes an unusual treatment; volunteer work at a rehab center. He meets an eclectic assembled group including a vet who thinks he’s Thor, a physical therapist who might be a spy, and an all American hero, Steve Rogers. It is Steve Rogers, the soldier in a coma, who captures his interest and, eventually, his heart.

Link to Art- TO COME
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Title: The God Machine
Word Count:55,487
Genre:AU/post apocalypse/alien invasion
Fandom/Universe:MCU (not Iron Man 3 or The Wolverine compliant)
Characters/Pairings:Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, Logan/Wolverine, Clint Barton, Natasha Romanov (minor), Pepper Potts (minor), Rhodey (minor), Peter Parker (minor), Storm (minor), Reed Richards (Minor) – Steve/Tony, past Steve/Logan
Warnings: disturbing images, graphic depictions of violence, sexual situations, language, temporary character(s) death(s)
Summary:After the world is conquered by the mysterious Ornari, Steve Rogers and Tony Stark lead the last of the resistance against the alien horde. Together as Avengers and husbands, Steve and Tony set in motion a plan to save humanity and the Earth. The key to their plan depends on Steve hunting down the Wolverine. Bringing Logan into the plan will be dangerous, not only because of the odds and what is at stake, but also because Logan once had a love affair with Steve Rogers. Saving the world is about sacrifice, both Tony and Steve know that, but are they ready to sacrifice everything they have together?

My thanks go out to my wonderful artist [ profile] digitalwave and my most excellent beta [ profile] rabidchild

The God Machine

ART for Marvel Big Bang by digitalwave )
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with one of your stories (or a verse you created) that you did not want to leave it? I think I'm there, right now. My Cap-Ironman Big Bang is finished like I said. I am even slowly editing it now. But I'm also cooking up more for it, I actually have some ideas for at least one timestamp, maybe could be a sequel. I love the verse so much, I don't want to leave it. I will eventually, I am just not writing too much this week. I need a break. But I really do need to get back to my projects, soon.
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So over the last two months I wrote my two big bangs. For Marvel my big bang stands around 53k. For Cap-Ironman Big Bang (which I wrote in under a month - because I am nuts) clocks in at 77k. Yes, that is 130k with editing to do. Most of the editing will be clean up and revisions and some additions. I expect the Marvel BB to stay about where it is. I think the C/I BB will grow a tad bit more. Not sure. It needs some revisions and a clean up and a few extra scenes added or expanded. The Marvel BB will not be published until mid to late October and the C/I BB will be published after November 1. Marvel BB already turned in the rough draft and have a great artist for! C/I BB will turn in on September 29th, to find out if I get an artist. Very happy to have both of them completed in their rough draft form.
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Yes I finished the Marvel Big bang. Right now it clocks in a little over 52k. I have some editing to do over the next day or so and then I will send it to the beta. I am early to have it completed, which is a good thing, because I have to concentrate on my Cap_Ironman Big Bang now! That should be fun.

It is going to be so HARD not to post the Marvel Big Bang early. I don't think posting starts until October 16th! A whole two months away. But I have to send in the draft by August 28th and fic summaries are due as well. Then claims will open shortly after that. So I hope I get a good artist. I am so happy with this story, I really am excited for it. FX I get an artist who likes to communicate and will love the story as much as I do!

Oh and see pretty icon from [Bad username or site: @] Love it! Don't yank it unless you ask her!
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Since I am in a weepy mood I am doing this to boost the signal for Cap_IronMan Big Bang. This is going to be a huge deal because the fanfic has to come in at a minimium of 25k!

Sounds exciting - right???
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not much this weekend considering I was 100% momma this weekend with the dragons. We had fun, but as you can see from one of my previous posts going to a movie that covers a genre and a fandom I loved in my youth with my kids has to be carefully selected. Because they kind of ruin the experience! Ha!

But I digress, the real point of this post is to 1. pat myself on the back because I officially reached 208k words for this year, and 2. ask my flist if anyone is really interested in a WC/Captain America crossover. No it is not about superheroes. It is my WC BB and it really centers on Neal and solving a case (very much a casefic). I am trying to decide if I should actually drop out of the WC BB because I think I will be wasting my time and eventually my beta's time (especially since she's wants to write two of these things). So, what should I do? Speak to me flist? Are you interested in a crossover where Neal and Peter are investigating the possibility that an art student (Steve Rogers) is responsible for a theft ring and murders?? What say you?
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Title: Beckon Me Home
Author dmk0064/winterstar
Rating: NC17
Genre/Characters: angst, Steve, Tony, Thor, Bruce, Natasha, Clint, Fury, Jarvis mentions of Thor, Jane Foster, Bucky, and Peggy, the Commandos, Erskine
Word Count: 40K
Fandom: The Avengers, Captain America, Iron Man (1 and 2) movies
Warnings: violence, depression, war
Summary: A change in circumstances switches the tables on Tony. When an assassination attempt leaves Steve debilitated, Tony is his only hope. In order to save Steve, he might very well have to suffer the same fate as Steve. A story about the paradox of love.

Link to Fic
Link to art by wiredoll here

Beta credit goes to the incredible [ profile] rabidchild who made this story infinitely better.
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If you are looking for me my username is now officially [Bad username or site: @]. Of course this will confuse all matter of things since I am in several Big bangs and I have no idea how to inform people that I've made the switch. Dmk0064 should automatically reroute to my journal, but how are people supposed to know if I post somewhere who I am??

So now you know - officially I am no longer dmk0064 but winterstar95.

Otherwise known in my house as the Mother of Dragons!
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Okay this post is just to remind me when I have to do what for which writing big bang or exchange. You may look and feast your eyes on my lunacy....My crazy ideas )

Cap_Ironman Big Bang 25k
June 4: Writer sign-ups open.
June 15: Writer sign-ups close.
June remainder, July, August, September: Writers write.
September 29th: Drafts and summaries due
October 1st: Summaries posted for artists to claim.
October: Artists art, writers put finishing touches on their fics.
October 30th: Artist and author teams pick posting date in November.
November 1st: Fics and art begin posting.


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