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As fangirls - I have to ask are we all nuts Read on my delusional thoughts )
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We went to see the 3 week old golden retrievers yesterday. This is our little guy. Currently, his name is Sparks....should it be something else? Thoughts?

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If anyone is interested -- here's my cap-ironman bingo card. I'm not sure about some of the prompts (like fix it or crossovers with other marvel verses) but some of them look good! Please feel free to comment! Look at card here )
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Title: Historical Inaccuracies
Author winterstar
Rating: PG13
Genre/Characters: Different realities merged, Tony/Steve, Tony/Bucky, Tony/Steve/Bucky, the gangs all here, plus the Norns, and Odin.
Word Count: 16k
Fandom: MCU, Captain America, Iron Man, The Avengers, Thor
Warnings: see tags for story
Summary: A written history. As the Asset, the Winter Soldier has one mission: to kill Captain America. His first assassination attempt fails, and when it does all the threads of reality get tangled and knotted only to leave a mess of memories for Tony Stark: Iron Man, Bucky Barnes: Captain America, and Steve Rogers: the Winter Soldier.

This is my entry into the Cap-Ironman Reverse Big Bang.
The artist is LePeru her work is embedded in the story.

Link to Fic and Art
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I kind of liked this one and I pulled it from [Bad username or site: @], so thanks sweets.

Everyone should post their ten most CRUCIAL CRUCIAL CRUCIAL-ASS movies (<--I think this is sinfulslasher's verbage but I liked it, as much as I like her expression 'that sucks donkey balls), like the movies that explain everything about yourselves in your current incarnations (not necessarily your ten favorite movies but the ten movies that you, as a person existing currently, feel would help people get to know you) (they can change later on obviously).

In no order

1. Stranger than Fiction

2. The Fault in Our Stars (not out yet but I'm picking it)

3. The Incredibles

4. The Christmas Story (the one with Ralphie)

5. Captain America: The First Avenger

6. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy

7. A Room with a View

8. The Girl with the Pearl Earring

9. Gravity

10. Despicable Me

I will add that if you want me to explain why I picked any of these I am game for that as well!
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Okay I am about ready to close up shop with lj. What I mean is that I am about done posting my stuff here and only want to keep an account for the occasional post and entry into different challenges hosted on lj. A lot of my work though is archived right here on lj - well, most of my WC stuff anyway. My thought is that I will move everything over to AO3 - I've heard people know how to import this stuff. Do tell how do I do it? I want a easy way.

Thanks for any help....
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This wonderful year from Mother's Day to Mother's Day - things I learned:

1. I see more and more of myself (both the good and the bad) in my children. This makes me want to be good.

2. I waste too much time griping and ranting about work when I should be present for my family. I learned that putting work on the back burner is a good thing.

3. A clean house makes my children no more happy than a messy one.

4. My husband truly, deeply loves me. And I him.

5. Be mindful of the present, because tomorrow is just a wish and a dream.

6. My children make me laugh and cry - both good things.

7. My husband strives to take care of me, even when he does it in ways I cannot understand.

8. I strive to take care of my husband, even when I do it in ways he doesn't understand.

9. Health is fleeting, take care to enjoy the day.

10. Love the moments, because that is all we have.
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Yanked this from the dear and lovely [Bad username or site: @]

1) Which fandoms have you written in?
List of fandoms on AO3 only )

2) Your best story title and why
I think that would have to be Time in the Bat Cave". The story and the title dropped in my head while I was driving. I had to pull over and capture it before it disappeared!

3) Your worst story title and why
This would have to go to More than Iron Man seriously this was supposed to be a 5+1 fic but I couldn't think of five things plus one, so this crappy title appeared.

4) The most popular pairing/fandom you've written for (by the standard of how many stories exist for that pairing written by everyone on AO3)

5) The rarest pairing fandom you've written for (by the standard of how many stories exist for that pairing written by everyone on AO3)
I don't think I've written many rare pairings, although my newest WIP fic hints at Pepper Potts/Carol Danvers but I don't really write it.

6) The most popular OT3/moresome you've written for (by the standard of how many stories exist for that pairing written by everyone on AO3)
Peter/Elizabeth/Neal in White Collar.

7) The rarest OT3/moresome you've written for (by the standard of how many stories exist for that pairing written by everyone on AO3)

8) First story and latest story you posted to AO3
I backdated some of my SG1 fics so that would be Safe House wrote that one back in 2008. And my WIP fic is my latest so that would be The Captain and His Courtesan.

9) Your top ten pairings on AO3
I don't have ten but here they are:

10) How many stories have you written with no pairings/OT3/moresomes listed?
Hmm not many? Not answering.....because I am lazy.
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Part 3 )

Show your love to the artist Love_82 here
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Title: Affair
LJ User Name - Author: winterstar95
LJ User Name - Artist: love82
Rating: PG13
Genre/Characters: Post series story, angst, romance, Neal/Sara, Neal, Sara, Peter, Elizabeth, Mozzie
Word Count: 12.7k
Fandom: WC
Warnings: mild descriptions of violence, language, serious permanent injury to a major character
Summary: Based on An Affair to Remember Sara and Neal have a pact. After Neal finishes his sentence and he’s free of the tracker, they will meet at the top of the Empire State building and re-ignite their love affair. Only when Sara waits, Neal never shows up because his past comes to haunt him. The consequences will change the course of love and life.

A/N: Many thanks to my artist for a great piece, Love82 and to my wonderful beta who really fixed this - though I didn't take all of her advice so blame that on me! Thanks [ profile] rabidchild


Part 1 )
Part 2
Part 3
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Okay so I knew that I was going to like Captain America: The Winter Soldier. It had all the right elements for me. Read more with spoilers )


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