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I have completely removed all of my posts from the LJ (in order to make sure that I was able to do it, I did not migrate any comments). Unfortunately I didn't make the cut off before everything was migrated to the Russian servers, but I did the vast majority of the work beforehand. Who knows how much is kept and how much isn't. Either way I feel more secure. I am keeping my LJ account open for now only because I am still participating in the CAP-IM RBB. But I think after I post, I will delete my account. There's no reason for it. I do have to open an account somewhere for image posting. Not sure how to do that or what I should do. But that is in the works.

Also, I have disengaged from fandom. It's sad but it was a necessary evil. I really do miss it, but I can't take the anxiety it gives me. It's not natural or normal to be so upset over something like fandom. So I walked away from tumblr over 2 weeks ago, going on 3 weeks. I feel good about it. I only post once a week and that's just to update my progress on my current RBBs (I am writing the CapRBB too). Once I finish with those, I am going to take stock and see if I want to continue with anymore fandom writing. I like it, but it's painful to continue in many ways. I am not going to go into the details, I still have stress because of it and even just writing about it here, makes me upset. So, we will see how it all goes.

I am still learning DW, and I expect to be talking to myself, which is okay. I just need an outlet sometimes.

Date: 2017-04-18 07:19 pm (UTC)
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I... can't quite bring myself to delete my LJ. It's been my home for 13 years. I've been crossposting from DW for years now but so many of my friends, my comms, aren't migrating. I'm just gonna keep going til they delete me themselves, I think.


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