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Wow I have been remiss and I apologize, but the very good news is that I dodged another bullet! My biopsy came back clear of cancer. Recuperation has been a little more painful and difficult than I thought, but I am so happy to report this! I just have to worry about the spot they found in my neck now (that was the bad news I heard before the surgery). They don't think it is anything, but will watch it over the next few months to make sure.

And onto the updates

These are all of my WIPs -
Current Works in Progress – 9/21/2014

Standard Operating Procedures – a chapter in the series This is battle; this is war. I just finished the last two stories in this series and it is still fresh in my head. Might be a good idea to keep moving forward.

Untitled – AU – Steve is raising his son alone and trying to make it as an artist. He applies for a job with the Maria Stark Foundation. I have about 12k here. It was one of the candidates for my cap-ironman bb. Not close to being where it needs to be for that.

Untitled – AU – wing fic. This is an apocalyptic fic and almost was my focus for the cap-ironman bb, but I started it too late and it is only at about 5k right now. I am really excited about this one.

Mangled – this is a story that was prompted on Avengerskink that I believe was probably inspired by a Leperu drawing of Tony shaving Steve because of his injured hands. I have about 11k of it and more to go. I could probably get it done if I just sat down and tried. But I lost my mojo for it. Might have to put it out there as a WIP for inspiration and motivation.

Omega Steve – nuff said. (why why why is this bugging me - go away!)

The Captain’s Serenity – this is a chapter in the series The Captain's Orders and tells the story of what happens after The Captain and His Courtesan. I really want to work on this one soon because otherwise I will lose the feel of the verse. I have about 11k. I won’t start posting until I have around 30k for this one. It’s gonna be BIG – as a hint – Tony+Ty, Hydra rises, assassination attempts, Loki on the throne, possibly hints of Thanos.

Upon Breaking – this is the sequel to Upon Waking - I am not certain I will pursue this one because I don’t like how it feels right now and for me Upon Waking is perfect the way it is. I only have around 3k anyhow so not much lost.

I also have to do a few prompts yet and I want to finish off a few of my other smaller series like Sins of the Day and I would walk 500 miles. Plus there is the fact I have a story – Prologue to Life that I will not link here that’s sitting out there with only 50% of the story. And the reason for that is the rest of the story was lost when I lost my hard drive back in March. There's also another one - A Penny for your Thoughts which I need to update and I am sadly not interested in doing so.....

That's it for now. Looking forward to the new season of Sleeping Hollow. A fall and winter without cancer worries, and some long winter nights writing! How is everyone doing? How are you doing with your WIP??


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