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Is to tell your child no. I have no problem saying no to toys or candy, but other more important things - like going to a private school instead of the public school. I have to say no. Because it is just too damned expensive to send both my boys to private school. It would cost upwards of $20,000 a year for both (and in some cases that doesn't even cover the before and after care). I have to say though as my children move through the system, I become more and more uncomfortable with the public schools. Why?

Maybe it's the drug scene, maybe it's the lack of great science education or math. It just hurts to see that I have no other options. I could try and sell the house and move - but that would be major and we are currently trying to plan for that - in possibly 5 years. But that doesn't save the dragons now.

My oldest son has to go to the elementary school (he's been at the primary school) and he started to cry tonight because of it. The elementary school is older and buttfuck ugly with low ceilings and drab paint. It is horrible really inside. Not inviting at all. Plus there's no lockers for the kids, they have to just throw all their clothes in cubbies. It's horrible because there's no ability to have a space of their own which I think kids appreciate and freaking need. Don't get me started on the assessment scores!

If I could I would pull my kids and send to them to a private school but the money is a HUGE issue and the fact most of the private schools cannot handle learning disabilities (my youngest has some issues) is problematic. But I did tell my son if the school year doesn't work out for him this year, I would seriously consider a private school. Otherwise I am going to have to consider selling the house and moving or finding gold or something. Maybe just home school, you know with all the extra time I have.



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