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I saw the big surprise movie of the summer today. Took the boys, excited and happy because all of the hype. Not happy with the opening scenes at all. My little boys don't need to see a mother dying of cancer. But smiled my way through the beautiful MARVEL logo....Didn't like the credits over the opening with adult Peter Quill (aka Starlord) on the planet. Didn't think it was a smart thing to do. MARVEL usually has such insanely creative credits at the end.

But on to more interesting fare...I had a hard time for the first 30 minutes or so figuring out what people were saying and what the hell was going on. Now I was primed for this story - but I am NOT a big Guardians fan. I knew the basics but little more than that. So I am wondering how people who KNOW NOTHING figured out what the hell was going on or did they just hang on for the ride?

By mid-movie I was happy - it was entertaining and sweet in parts. But I was still grappling with the characters, trying to latch onto why I should like them or not. I still am confused over Gamora. Plus why is it organic beings can survive in space without any suits on now? This is confusing as hell.

Rocket was great and wonderful, but I think I would need to see it again to really appreciate him. My current theory is that most audience members will latch onto Groot because he was pretty basic to understand when confronted with all the mismash of everything else, and everyone else. I mean there were NUMEROUS characters. LOTS AND LOTS of characters, most of which I had no idea what their names were or couldn't repeat them after hearing them. I am unsure why we keep on having to go back to the Collector for these short little stints. It's weird, MCU, explain it to me!! Oh and the after credit scene - why? Why didn't we get a teaser for Age of Ultron?????

Chris Pratt was good, but this is really the first thing I've seen him in (I did see the Lego Movie - does that count?), so he was kind of the white boy savior type without a lot of meat to them bones.

Overall, a good movie but not excellent. The soundtrack is pretty awesome (why is it Pratt in movies with music = awesome?). I would give it a solid B for its fun and beauty. I would think that seeing it in 3D is probably more awe inspiring that the 2D we opted for. It's a good looking movie.

You'll have a good time if you see it, be able to talk the talk at the water cooler, but I don't think it will be a movie to be seen again and again. I couldn't find it's heart.
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