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well, no amount of whining is going to bring anyone back to my journal, so I will just hug the few people who still drive by once in a while.

Here's the current update. I have another surgery scheduled on September 4th. I have to go in and get all kinds of special tests to make sure I won't have issues with the sedation and breathing since I still get throat spasms. That happens August 20th. It will probably be an all day appt (ugh <--- okay that is a little bit of whining). My surgery on the 4th is simply a quickie and I will be able to come home. They are doing a cone biopsy where they take a good chunk of my cervix and cut it out. It is supposed to be kind of painful for the recovery. But I figure it is both diagnostic and curative in like over 95% of the cases (hopefully I fall on the good side of the statistics this time). So, no whining just an inconvenience.

In other news---SDCC is starting -- that's San Diego Comic Con for those of you who don't know. Yay! We should get 1. a trailer for Avengers: Age of Ultron, 2. Captain America 3 - the title, and 3. all kinds of pretty pictures and all from our lovelies! I am truly looking forward to all of the media coverage. This will all be happening on Saturday and I will be off and away on vacation! Whee!

We are going to Deep Creek and I cannot wait. It is sooooo relaxing and the boys are so ready for a vacation. I'm so happy to bring them. I am so lucky to have such lovely little dragons. You should have seen them the other night - we went to see The Lion King on stage at the Kennedy Center. Seriously they were popping out of their seats with excitement! My little one was enraptured during the whole 2.5+ hours! I wanted to cry because it was genuinely lovely to be able to do this for my babies.

And then when we get home -- we will come home to our puppy!!!!!!! Yes!!! you read that right. The boys are very excited about that too. I will post pictures.

On the writing front, I am writing a sequel to my lengthy The Captain and His Courtesan. I just have to, there's so much more story to tell. So I am writing it. I am trying to write MOST of it before I publish. That way, people can just go ahead and enjoy and not have to wait long long periods before getting the next chapter. (We'll see how long I hold out).

In other news, I almost (almost) claimed art from the WC big bang. I wish I had more time, I won't mind painting Neal. But I decided against it, simply because I don't have time. I am still working on my winter soldier piece.

Anyhow -that's the news for now. I'll update soon. Take care my lovelies!!
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