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As fangirls - I have to ask are we all nuts

Now that I have your attention, I just wonder if we've all flown off the north shore into the winds of a tsunami or something. I did a short poll on my tumblr and asked what tropes people like:


The list goes on. I am getting the idea of why we love fanfiction instead of run of the mill fiction is because we want boundaries swept away! And isn't that fun. I'll probably write some of the prompts I received, just because why the hell not?

And while I have your attention, fleeting as it might be, I wanted to update on how things are going in my land.

I miss my fandom friends. I used to be very active in the WC fandom (and I still check up on it - everyday) but I just lurk. I don't feel like I can pop in and say anything on blogs anymore or even in the chat. I'm not talking about what the latest thing that's up with Neal or Peter, or even working on a BB. So I feel out of place (it isn't that anyone has made me feel unwelcome, but I don't exactly feel as if I fit in). And that has been my issue all along, hasn't it?

I'm the one with the young family to grow and it makes it hard to interact and be part of a fandom. So I am sad a bit, mourning my loss of fandom friends. Unfortunately, while I have some pals in MCU it isn't the same. I will probably never meet them. So sadness.

But in other news I am almost finished with my The Captain and His Courtesan. I am mostly proud of it and pleased, but burnt out from it and want to get it done. I am working on the second to last chapter now. So yay me!

I will be working on some new stories very soon. I am excited about them, because they are more fluff and domestic stuff than the long plotty works I have been doing lately (with the exception of the new series I am writing that is an angst fest - Sins of the Day).

I should be posting more puppy pics and if you are interested stick around in August for when the puppy comes home!

Anyway, stop by and say hi! (I don't sound too pathetic do I?????).
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